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Black Socks & Brown Underwear

this is all you get for christmas

Our Christmas List






I hope that you don’t think this is too vain. Posting a christmas list as a blog and all, but this way, it’s out there and I don’t have to think about it. 


coffee maker

twilight saga books

iPod (or just plain ol MP3)

cute purse(as if I would ask for an ugly one)lol


All white Kswiss (size10)

or All white Addidas

video games:(xbox 360)

modern warfare 2 call of duty

dj hero

fifa soccer 2010

Ncaa football 2010

godfather 2

the garcia’s

video camera

clothes  (via gift card)

gas card



so as I wrote this out, I tried to remember what we asked for last year and what we actually got last year. I don’t remember a lot other than it was the first time I got a gas card (from my sis) and it was so perfect. Gotta love the simplicity.

Now obviously, we dont NEED anything. I know the economy has effected everyone and have no expectations. We just love the holiday times and together this will be our forth, 2nd with a tree!!! The quality of our christmas is not determined by the stuff under it.


joeys monster

I need your help.

This weird little toy is a My Pet Monster

This was Joey’s favorite toy as a kid. Handcuffs and all.

I know, weird. Or at least weird from my perspective.

He really wants one. Really really. I can find them online but I not someone to order from the internet. too many bad experience

If you have one, or seen it at Target or something, let me know. Help me out. I would love to see my mexican with this random toy.

My Pet Monster

joeys monster

My Hairy Proposal

meI love my hair. I finally have it at a length I love. However I despratly need a trim.

I can never just do a trim so Im opening up a deal to who ever takes me seriously.

If you pay for a nice salon visit, I will do what ever you want me to do to it

EXCEPT for bald or short short.

Anything you want. Any color, and style.

Shoot your idea, I’ll post pictures if anyone takes me seriously….

im outraged!


This horrible horrible woman is in jail today thank god and her baby is recovering healthy in a hospital…. or as healthy as it can get…

This mother of the year owned a pitbull that used to be a fighting dog. While she was asleep and the baby was awake in a cradle chair, the dog nibbled off the baby’s toes. The dog at the babies toes!!!!

The mother of the year claims she was asleep in the same room and never heard the baby cry…. ARE YOUR SERIOUS??????

and this is where it gets worst, she didn’t notice until the next morning that her child had NO TOES!!!!

oh this makes me so mad…. Im okay with pitbulls, rots, huge dogs in general, but not a dog that used to be a fighting dog or is aggressive….


thankfully she is being charged with a felony

secret messAge…

times were changing in larens life. he was about to Move to the city and had always dreamed about it. he had an open and large mind and living in a small town just wasn’t the place for him. fashion was his passion. he loved Clothes. he used to sit in class daydreaming about his fashion line walking down the runway on gorgeous models as they walked on beat to Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. the only thing he had not yet mastered was Shoes. he now dreamed that moving to the city would bring the inspiration he needed to make a full line. 

it came time for him to pack. he didn’t have much but the kind of junk you collect while living with your parents. his main priority was to at least bring some of the small town with him so he wouldn’t miss it. laren walked into his sisters room to her Vanity. he took a seat as he scrumaged through the drawers for extra sewing neddles and other things he might be able to use while away. he came across a photo of him and her that she took with the Camra he gave her for her birthday. he saved up for months to buy it for her. Normally he would just give Giftcards but that year she was going off to college. he took the photo of them and another of his first Puppy he got when he was younger. a feeling of sadness came as he realized how much he missed her. they were best friends when they were younger and now they would be room mates. he had to grab a couple things that she had forgotten like an old yearbook and her Workout tape. he grabbed a Tootsie Roll that had been sitting there since she left and popped it in his mouth as he left her room to finish packing.

the time had come for him to kiss his mom good bye and catch his train. the only time he had been on the train was when he was going on Vacation with his mom, but this was nothing like it. as he was about to leave, he gave his mom a Jewerly Box with one piece of Jewerly in it. She broke out into tears and he immediatly rapped his arms around her for one last hug. the scent of her NYC Delicious Purfume never smelled better to him and breathed in one last breathe of it before letting go. he was already late for his train and did not want to miss it. the final whistle went off and he was 100 yards off. he grabbed up his luggage, accidentaly grabbing his mom’s Purse and running to the train. right behind him his mom followed yelling for him to stop. other patrons standing nearby started in after him as well thinking that he had stolen the purse. a large man came from the left and tackled him down. as they stood up, he was confused and his head hurt. his mom caught up to him and excused the man from her aid. she kissed her son one last time and took back her purse.

he was finally on the train. his heart racing from his sprint and tackle from moments prior. the attendant came from behind checking tickets. he reached into his pockets expecting it to be there. all he could feel was his Ipod and New Phone. the man stood impatiently waiting for him. larens heart had just about fallen through his stomach, thinking he had lost it when he found it in his back pocket. the snud face of the attendant punched the ticket and carried on passed him. he wished so much at the moment he owned a Car, he wouldn’t have had to deal with this. he had one hour to relax on the train until this entire journey would be over.

finally the train came to a stop and he could see his sister waiting for him. all he could notice was her new Tattoo. just than he realized that he hadn’t even started the journey, it was all about to start. so much was about to change.

Okay now, I know the grammer sucks…. but can you guess whats on my mind today that I was trying to say without saying it…. good luck with your guess….


So it’s old news that Chris Brown beat up his ex girlfriend Rhianna…. about a month ago for the first time I heard this song and liked the beat so I didn’t change the station. All of a sudden “Chris brown should get his ass kicked”

I so agree…. I love that someone made a song about it. I know this is something that happens all over the world to many women, but i know that celebrities get away with it more so I think its good that he is being made an example of… The band that made this song is  The Jump Smokers. I have neer heard of them before but thats ok because I like the song.   I might not agree with all the words but hey more power to them for actually having the guts to voice there opinion straight out rather than hide it behind a different beat. I also just found out that they are giving their iTunes proceeds from this song to empowering women’s organizations. Pretty cool

Want to hear?

Miss USA


I am the type of girl that thinks that pagents are awsome. I would love to be Miss USA . Unfotunatly, I did not watch this past Sunday night. But, as always, there is no shortage on the media of it. The media covering this years is not about the gorgeous Miss USA herself, but the first runner up, Miss California.

Daily I check he celebrity gossip website, and that is where I first began to see the drama over Miss Cali and her answer to Judge #8 (perez hilton himself). Him being gay, he asked about gay marriage and if she thouht it should be legalized in all states.  She answered with her beliefs, that she thought of marriage soley between a man and a woman.

I feel 2 ways on her answer. I agree as a christian, God intended marriage only between a man and a woman and only hates the sin gay marriage creates. However, even though she was strong for standing by her belief, her answer put her 2nd and not title. She should have been more prepared for a question like that since Cali has a very large gay population and there was such large controversy over prop 8. Most answers that are normally given are more politically correct and less bias. She could have said that she believed that but also followed that each states population should make that decision based on their own beliefs.

She is not the first to be talked about so much for her answer and she wont be the last, however, only she cost herself the crown.

If I knew there was a gay man for a judge, I’d bias my answer a little bit  if I was going for a crown, but maybe thats just me.

I was in class yesterday, business 20 (intro to business) and I finally bought my books. My teacher starts to go on and on about nothing important. I decided that I should look through my book to see what I have ahead of me to study. I am a learing about in class and this particular chapter about having business overseas and communication. I notice that there is a blue box and decided to read it. Pepsi wanted to advirtise in Japan with the slogan “Pepsi, Be Alive”  and it translated to “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead”

Now, I am normally very good with keeping my cool and not drawing too much attention in class but I was laughing so hard under my breath I started to loose my breath.

Like an idiot, I read another.

some chicken retuaraunt wanted to advirtise in Spain “It takes a strong man to make tender chicken” which again translated to… “it takes an arroused man to make a chicken affectionate”

I could not stop laughing. My face Im sure was bright pink

and again, I read another

KFC wanted to advirtise in Japan their Finger Lickin Good slogan, however it translated to “bite your fingers off”

I was laughing so hard I had to walk out of class. Everyone was staring at me and I could not control myself. Thinking about it would make it worst. I was almost peeing on myself.

I tried to think of depressing things. Death suicide, killing kittens….

hopefully it will make me sad and calm down however…

thinking death made me think of ancestors and pepsi and Im back to uncontrolable laughing.

There were about 6 of those in the book and I finished reading them later but dang,images1

nothing sucks like electrolux

This is me….


my mother in law always said I looked like Britney Spears, maybe it was just because I was a white girl.

But do I really?