I am not a morning person.

Just so everyone knows and we dont have problems….


and its funny, because I normally fall asleep early and get 8 + hours of sleep.

Once I wake up, I only think about lying back down and falling back asleep.

So for my first 15 minutes of the day…

Those are my thoughts.


today is finish moving day, training day and clean up the building day…..

My husbands tooth is hurting, so he will only help with one.

since i woke up 30minutes ago, im tired and dont think thats fair.

but that might only be because I am tired now.

As well. this morning when I woke up, he asked me a serious question on our way to take him to work.


As simple as the question was, it was too hard for  me!!!

I am so lame.

I dont know how to break into a pattern of waking up earlier either

because when i tried that

I would fall asleep at 7….

i feel hopeless in this situation and its funny because Ive gotten advice that makes since but I dunno….

I hate feeling tired after I wake up….

Today cannot be a bad day because I am tired from nothing.


So now i will pray God will wake me up and take away the headache joey gave me…..


This is how I feel in the morning,,,,