She was Joey’s must have christmas present. He didn’t know that I had already bought him 49er tickets and so he got both. In this photo she is 13 weeks, 14 pounds, and so curious to our life. Now she is 5 months today, 45 pounds and completely adjusted. She fits us so well and even though she has the puppy rebellion, she is so smart and trains so well. She is half american bull mastiff and half german Shepard. She will be a big girl.

She is amazing. The best dog that either of us has ever had.

We both have a bit of past dog guilt in which we feel a little guilty that our old dogs didn’t always get the best. She is absolutely spoiled. The best all natural dog food, all the vet necessities, real bones, treats, balls, long walks, dog park everyday, love, love, love, love. She gets it all. We both put in about 10 minutes a day in training her and take her on potty walks at least a dozen times. She is crate trained only for when we are not home and has only ever soiled our home but a few times. The effort we put in her has had a direct result for us in how she is. She is perfect.

What I love the most is that I can take her on hikes with me on the weekends. This is our special bonding time. She walks in heal and after an hour of such a nice hike, she is tired out. She has been trained by me to ignore other trail users and their dogs unless I have her acknowledge them. This has her pay attention to me only and know that if I’m not comfortable with who or whatever she will know to react defensively. Otherwise when people want to pet her and im fine with it, she wags her heavy tail and greets them. Again, she is so smart and has this behavior down perfectly.

I am so excited to have her as a part of our life. It’s like the 3 of us are a family and we are perfectly fine with that. I know owners outlive their pets and so one day we will be sad. However, hopefully we will have many many great years with her. I am so glad she was Joey’s must have christmas present.