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PPT…. pictures

Sometimes, you can look at a picture and it just makes you smile.

I know Joey hates this pix, and it might make some of you laugh at me,, but everytime I look at this picture, i smile.

I remember when I took it and the fashion show I was in. It was a fun great day, and it makes me feel positive.

I know it would be a great wordless wednesday, but, It makes me feel gud, so I will share the love with everyone else. I know you all love it!

I know some are laughing, I know some cant wait to change the page or scroll down.

Whatever you do, Im sure we all a have that one photo that makes you remember something that just makes you smile. Not everyone understands, but you do. And you smile.

So go ahead, what makes you smile.





~*PPT*~ Britni

Ladies and Gentlemen…

This is Britni Barkley.

She was one of my bridesmaids. She was one that was always going to be a bridesmaid. Since the 6th grade.

So let me tell you a little bit about this girl.

I meet her in the 6th grade at Milikan Middle School, we both were in the Performing Arts Academy… We both perferred to dance.

We became very close in the 8th grade. I went to Van Nuys, she went to Taft. I later transferred to Taft High for a semester. I went to Valley college, she went to a Private college and lives in a Dorm.

She has always been the kind of friend that if we didnt call each other in a couple months, its okay. We pick back up and act like we never stopped talking. I dont think that I have ever been upset at her. She is always amazing. She can be frustrating as much as I can be. She has always been my oreo…. She’s black, but such a white girl. Her parents have always loved me too, even if it’s been awhile. Shes always been the type of girl my mom wished she raised. She’s an angel and she is sooo beautiful.

Britni is a great friend.

I called her for my wedding, and without a doubt she bought her tickets to come. Just having her here was fun. She tired hard to be a medium when issues arised. She worked sooo hard the day before and day of. She did ask a lot og questions thou. She was the girl I wanted to represent the young me in my wedding. I love her soooo much and I hope her name is up there is stars one day among Armani and Prada….


Love you B

~*PPT*~… Im starting a series

Yes I will…

As I sit and think, there are too many important and special people (most women) that I could pick from…

So I will start a series…

It will be abou the women who were really involved in my wedding…

in my eyes….

Those who touched me dearly, my girls, and those women I hope to be like one day….

There is well over 10 but Im sure less than 20…

They will not be in any particular order….

I will always title the post ~*PPT*~ and their name….

besides, I’ll put a wedding photo of them….. 

Sometimes I’ll just do one and it wont be a tuesday

oh well

get over it…

any day can be positive post day in my land….

So lets start with my first gal

My Edy…

Edythe Garcia

She is Joey’s Best Man’s Wife….

I think I worded that right?

In 2007 I was the coordinator for her wedding…

She was a beautiful bride!

I wanted to do it, just for the experience…

Not expecting that she would return the favor.

At my wedding, there was so much that had not been done. The day of, there was 20 tasks that needed to be completed.

Super hero Edy showed up…

She did everything….anything I needed…

She was amazing.

After she did all that, she was opening the doors and taking photos of the guest, setting up my table. She was non-stop. I was blessed.

Edythe is the type of person that will not only do what you ask, she’ll over do it, and 5 other things. At home she deals with 2 kids and her husbands family. She is always on. She is very genuine and incredibly smart. Joey has known her since middle school and says that she has always been “that girl”.

That girl who was the prettiest, the smartest. Whatever you wernt and wanted to be, she was.

Im happy that I know her, Im blessed that she is my friend.

Thank you Edy for everything!

Thank so much!!!

Positive Post Tuesday….

When all hell breaks loose, I need to THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS….

Hell has not broke loose yet…. but a lot of stress surrounds me currently.

Being stressed and than seeing that some young stupid kids hurt a small dog across the street, well, it just makes me think unhappy thougts… (like, stupid kids,,,, I should go and kick they in the butt for that)

So I am going to list my positive thoughts for the day…

things I can be thankful for….

and than you can add some that I can remember….


~I have the most beautiful Kitties…

~My husband isn’t stressed today…

~ The weather is great, not to cold, not to hott, sunny, some clouds…PERFECT

~I do not feel sick

~God is Great and always loves me and always forgives.

~I saw my uncle mike in the parking lot today!!!

~A popo was following me but didn’t pull over my bucket

~Matty is healthy and smiley

(I permanately block the news in my house…. just needed to add that)

~The holidays are coming

~my house is finally clean from a long weekend

~What am I missing, let me know!!!!

I know for sure, he makes me happy….

Positive Post Tuesday, My car

Today I want to love on my car!!!

My car is a 1991 Pontiac Grandam. It is two years younger than I am and almost too old to be around.

My uncle gave me this car in January, it just sat in front of his daughters house, not completely working and in so-so shape. An angel of mine fixed it up for me and it drove well. I’ve put a little more work on it and now its okay, good enough that when Joey and I want to randomly go to marine world discovery kingdom, It takes us there and back with no problems. Its even gone to L.A. and back despite what others said.


My car rocks!!!


yes a nicer car would be nice, but this car is perfect for me now. I’ve even hita fed-ex truck with it, it already had dents, so i dont know if i added any.

sorry to fed-ex, I should have stayed to let your diver know, but i didnt want to.

Anyways, if you hear some screachting, im coming, get ready!

PPT: My husband Jose Luis…my joey

Honesty, I had been planning on doing my positive post on someone else today, but within the last 24 hours, hes loved me so much.

My hubby is 25, mexican, and beautiful. He is a man of the lord since october2007, and baptized in Feb 2008. He is a die hard niner fan, but will tivo the game to go to church. He is a man of his word and trys to help anyone when he can. He has his flaws, like everyone, but he makes up for them in how he loves.

Every once in a while, something happens that reminds me of how truely deep it is.

Last night at 2 a.m., I woke up in SERIOUS pain. I was in the bathroom throwing up with horrible stomach pains and excruciating back pains! I started to get cold and started to shake badly. He woke up, call his job to say he wasnt coming in and started a bath for me. I got in and started to relax, he somehow read my mind, because he got in and let me rest in his arms. Something like that to me means alot, I feed off of his love for me, and when he would rather be sleeping, he woke up and made me his priority. Eventually we feel asleep, but we woke up periodically to check on me and make sure I was asleep. I knew this cause I couldnt sleep and could feel him look over on me.

He does this stuff every once in a while and it amazes me. I dont know why, I guess i make myself think he loves me less. Stupid.


My aunt barb always tells me how lucky I am to have a husband who loves me so much and he is a special gift from the lord..

I agree…

Well,  let me tell you a lil more about him (if you read my blogs, you already know alot).

He was born in Los Angeles and raised only by his mom is a very bad part of LA. The part that you only see in the movies and dont believe it could be that bad. He had an older brother and sister, and one younger brother. His younger brother is like his best friend but his older brother has always had a special place since he acted like a dad when his real dad left him when he was barely born. He has such an incredible love for the children in his family, and even the children he added himself.

He will be an amazing father one day.

He never did finish highschool but he did that to prevent becoming a gangmember. Lucky for me he dropped out.

There is so much to say about my husband….

but once people really know him, not just “hello” kind of people, they uunderstand how truely beautiful he is.

I am so blessed.

Its funny because my maidof honor told me not to marry him and that I might regret it.


Positive Post Tuesday… Natalie

This is my sister, Natalie, on my wedding day, fixing my vail and helping with my finishing touches like a big sister (and matron of honor) would on a special day.








This is my sister, Natalie, on the day before HER wedding, fixing my dress and making sure I was good and ready, like a big sister would.

The story of our family is odd. There were 4 of us, and 3 differents dad’s. My father was , ironically, a racsist and always put Natalie down. My memories from my childhood of My relationship with her, honestly, were’nt grand or nice. Nothing like those pictures. I always thought she hated me. Well my mom and I moved to L.A. and she stayed Auburn…. And over time, God made everything better.

Now I can say that she really is my best friend.

Natalie is a beautiful woman. I have never met anyone stronger than her and never have I had a friend more certain of who they are. She recently had my nephew (picture below) Matthew, and now she has proved to be an outstanding mother. Having Matthew softened her a little, but she could still kick my butt.

I know she loves me, and within the past 4 years, she hasn’t had a problem showing it. She had driven back and forth for me in L.A. countless times…. and not complained. She’s lifted me up in situations when everyone else was putting me down. She supported me even when she knew I would be wrong. She is always there when I really need someone to talk to and I try to always be there for her. We can joke about stupid things and can be serious about issues. We both love to eat which makes lunch dates perfect for us. Especially when she is in her deputy uniform…. 50% off baby! 

I am so grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful relationship with her.

I remember I was with my mom in the car when I was about 6, 7 or 8, getting on the I-80 from the foresthill exit toward Sac. I turned to my mom and said “when I grow up, I am going to be exactly like Natalie!”

I used that as a threat to my mom and a compliment to Natalie. lol

Anyways…. thats my sister….

well there is more to her, but thats what I wanted to share about her.

I want everyone to know how awesome she is

and that she is an amazing best friend and big sister!