Ladies and Gentlemen…

This is Britni Barkley.

She was one of my bridesmaids. She was one that was always going to be a bridesmaid. Since the 6th grade.

So let me tell you a little bit about this girl.

I meet her in the 6th grade at Milikan Middle School, we both were in the Performing Arts Academy… We both perferred to dance.

We became very close in the 8th grade. I went to Van Nuys, she went to Taft. I later transferred to Taft High for a semester. I went to Valley college, she went to a Private college and lives in a Dorm.

She has always been the kind of friend that if we didnt call each other in a couple months, its okay. We pick back up and act like we never stopped talking. I dont think that I have ever been upset at her. She is always amazing. She can be frustrating as much as I can be. She has always been my oreo…. She’s black, but such a white girl. Her parents have always loved me too, even if it’s been awhile. Shes always been the type of girl my mom wished she raised. She’s an angel and she is sooo beautiful.

Britni is a great friend.

I called her for my wedding, and without a doubt she bought her tickets to come. Just having her here was fun. She tired hard to be a medium when issues arised. She worked sooo hard the day before and day of. She did ask a lot og questions thou. She was the girl I wanted to represent the young me in my wedding. I love her soooo much and I hope her name is up there is stars one day among Armani and Prada….


Love you B