Honesty, I had been planning on doing my positive post on someone else today, but within the last 24 hours, hes loved me so much.

My hubby is 25, mexican, and beautiful. He is a man of the lord since october2007, and baptized in Feb 2008. He is a die hard niner fan, but will tivo the game to go to church. He is a man of his word and trys to help anyone when he can. He has his flaws, like everyone, but he makes up for them in how he loves.

Every once in a while, something happens that reminds me of how truely deep it is.

Last night at 2 a.m., I woke up in SERIOUS pain. I was in the bathroom throwing up with horrible stomach pains and excruciating back pains! I started to get cold and started to shake badly. He woke up, call his job to say he wasnt coming in and started a bath for me. I got in and started to relax, he somehow read my mind, because he got in and let me rest in his arms. Something like that to me means alot, I feed off of his love for me, and when he would rather be sleeping, he woke up and made me his priority. Eventually we feel asleep, but we woke up periodically to check on me and make sure I was asleep. I knew this cause I couldnt sleep and could feel him look over on me.

He does this stuff every once in a while and it amazes me. I dont know why, I guess i make myself think he loves me less. Stupid.


My aunt barb always tells me how lucky I am to have a husband who loves me so much and he is a special gift from the lord..

I agree…

Well,  let me tell you a lil more about him (if you read my blogs, you already know alot).

He was born in Los Angeles and raised only by his mom is a very bad part of LA. The part that you only see in the movies and dont believe it could be that bad. He had an older brother and sister, and one younger brother. His younger brother is like his best friend but his older brother has always had a special place since he acted like a dad when his real dad left him when he was barely born. He has such an incredible love for the children in his family, and even the children he added himself.

He will be an amazing father one day.

He never did finish highschool but he did that to prevent becoming a gangmember. Lucky for me he dropped out.

There is so much to say about my husband….

but once people really know him, not just “hello” kind of people, they uunderstand how truely beautiful he is.

I am so blessed.

Its funny because my maidof honor told me not to marry him and that I might regret it.