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49ers game!

I believe we have started a new yearly tradition. Make it to one 49ers game. The first game either of us went to was the Park Opener 2 years ago. Than this last year I got Joey tickets for the last game of the season. We went with Harold and Erin (she got him tickets too, we are such good wives). We had a blast and can’t wait to do it again this year. We will tailgate this year and I hope the lockout really doesnt last because it would be a shame.

It was suppose to rain all day and never even a drop hit us. But it was cold!

In Love

I don’t think there is a limit on how often you fall in love in life. I believe that falling in love is very different from loving something, even loving something a lot. Falling in love involves loosing a piece of your heart and not minding that you have. Sometimes you lose a piece of your heart but you gain a piece of someone elses heart. That would be me being in love with Joey. He has a huge piece of my heart and I have a piece of his. Than sometimes, you fall in love and you lose a piece of your heart and you might or might not get an exchange. Sometimes that can hurt if you have fallen in love with a person who hasn’t fallen in love with you, and sometimes it’s a dog and it’s wonderful regardless.

I am in love with Nala. I can’t not have her in my life. She is the perfect mix of me and Joey and something extra.

We waited on getting a dog for a long time. We wanted to be the right type of dog owners. We wanted to do everything right for her and take care of her the way we loved her. Well the more we fell in love with her, the more spoiled she has gotten. It has gone from regular dog food to the best all natural, dog park almost everyday with at least 2 long walks, a new bone once a week, take her everywhere we go, let her make us uncomforable in bed, this just isn’t normal owner/pet behaviour for an 80+ pound dog.

She has completely taken over our lives and we love every moment of it.

When we got her, she was 23 pounds. She was sweet and we had to carry her because she hated the stairs where we live. She could sleep right in between us and not make us uncomforable at all. You could tell she was a puppy and she played like a puppy. I could easily rein her in on a walk and not strain my wrist.

Now we aren’t stupid, we knew she would get big and that we had to train her, so we started immediatly on all the basics. We got Dog Training for Dummi’s. Best investment for her. We worked on everything with her to ensure that she would be a great big dog that we assumed would top at maybe 80 pounds by the time she was 2.

Now she is a SOLID 80+ pound dog that plays like a puppy, looks like a adult,  has a full set of huge teeth and could very well pull us down the stairs to a tumble.

She is beautiful and sweet and the best dog ever. She is huge and is only 8 months old. We have only had her for 4 months and we are both completely in love with her. I would say she loves us too but she loves everyone. She loves to kiss everyone and jump up hug them. She loves the kids in our building to hold her and pet her. This type of love might now be a return of how much we are in love with her, but thats okay.