Thank you lord

for this day that you have given me.

Thank you for my husband…

thank you for erin and harald, without them, there would be no Noah Trinity, and Zion.

Thank you for those beautiful children.

Thank you for Lisa and Carter

and for a nice warm summer day in which going belly down into cold water off a slide is perfect.

Thank you for my kittens, that they are calm after the children wear them down.

Thank you for not letting money be a stress on my mind when I am with the kids… and we all have a blast.

Thank you for allowinf us to move to where you want us to.

Thank you for having a plan in our lives that i can fully rely on you and know that something GREAT is coming ahead.

Thank you for loving me enough to let me wake up this morning and have sucha  great day.

Thank you Lord!

thank you


I Love my husband