Once upon a time, in a land all the way in Los Angeles. There lived a mexican who never ever went to a dentist or doctor for any reason for I don’t know what reason. His mom never took him so he never went. Than one day, after meeting his future wife, half of one of his teeth fell out and he was in bad pain. A couple months later, the same tooth on the opposite side did the same thing. Because he had no dental insurance and him mom never took him as a child, his tooth looked something like this when it was pulled out this morning…

I don’t mean to gross anyone out but honestly, it looked pretty similar. This stupid tooth has put my mexican in so much pain I hated it with everything in me. It is the one part of him that I didn’t love. I rejoiced to see it go.

So here’s the real story. I finally found a way for him to go. We were suppose to go last Wednesday but as you read, I had Christmas desserts. So we were set for yesterday and Joey popped out some stupid excuse as to why he couldn’t and so we didn’t. But I don’t give up that easily on what I believe NEEDs to be done. So we were set this morning.

He asked me about 100 times not to go. He isn’t fond of doctors or dentist. He can only relate bad things to them from past family experiences so I understand but don’t really care to let that be a good excuse.

Erin was going to go with us, she used to work for a dentist and it calmed Joey with her knowledge. I was late to get her because Joey procrastinated at every opportunity he saw. The drive was long and the suspense built as we drove to the dentist. We got there and I filled out all the piles of paperwork.  We constantly lied to Joey telling him that if doesn’t hurt at all. That you are so numb you don’t even notice. After an hour more, they finally called in the mexican. I don’t remember how long the wait was because we found so many things to laugh at. A guy names Matthew insisted on being called Macho, We got Will Smiths Getting Jiggy Wit It stuck in our head from the TV we didn’t realize we were listening too, and we waited for a better parking spot because parking in Sac sucks.

He finally came out for a moment before he went back to get rid of the bastards. We got the whole room to ourselves. Random people made us laugh by their rudeness and magazines kept us occupied. At one point we heard a loud scream and giggled but it wasn’t my manly man.

Once he came out, oy vey. As you can already imagine, he couldn’t talk well and him mouth was stuffed with gauze pads. I went to pick up the prescription while he just kept trying to say I’m gonna kick you both in the ass. We drove the half of the way home trying to disifer was he was trying to say and the other half with him asleep like a child in the back seat. My amazing mexican survived the dentist.

It was another first in his and our life again. Not one that I’m happy to be apart of though, but glad I could. It was a big day in our house. I’ve made soup for him and drugged him up. Now he’s napping and isn’t in as much pain. I’ll keep drugging him for another day and giving him sweet kisses on his huge cheeks, but the best is that those teeth that brought so much pain are now gone.

Now that I’m the lady taking care of him, I’ll never let it happen again. However, I have a good story for kids when they don’t want to take of your teeth.