Joey hated it all but loved the way it ended.

I had been waiting anxiously for this Christmas Desserts since August. Something my church has been doing the past 12 years in the beginning of December. What I love to do, what pulses my heart and I literally dream about… planning and organizing big events.

I love planning and organizing. I love crunching time to get something done and trying to have the end product be perfect. I even love being so busy that I forget to eat or sit down. Granted I don’t love it so much when I’m hungry and my feet are killing me late at night ; ).

The crunch started last Sunday, calling all the volunteers and getting them preped for the weekend coming. Praise the Lord that so many people decided to help. I was blessed with 2 men who were new to the church, Ron and David. Both retired and willing to give me their whole weekend. They worked so hard for me and for the Lord. I could not say thank you enough.

I also had the pleasure of working with Shayla and Lisa. No way could the weekend have been so perfect without them. Lisa was my coffee and kitchen nazi. Never once were we short on hot coffee. Praise the Lord. Shayla was in charge of our youth volunteers. She kept them calm and occupied. She gave them all specific tasks and kept them working. We defiantly used up all our volunteers’ potential and they were all willing to give it all to us.  Shayla even introduced the concept of walkie talkies so we could do more without all the running about. Praise the Lord.

We started on Wednesday setting and preping. Thursday was our test day even though we had a show. I asked all the volunteers to be there at 3 for the 6pm show and from their hard work, we had an hour to kill. So Friday, I had them all come an hour late, and we had 45 minutes to spare. We all worked so hard that every show we had time to spare.

Even in the biggest crunch.

Sunday was the day of all the days. 14 hours of a constant going. It only took 9 people to remind me to eat. ; )

After 2nd service, I had 2 hours to tear down and set up. 4 hours of work in 2.  The performers, my volunteers and the church pulled together and 25 minutes later, I was just about done. Granted a tray of coffee cups were dropped but hey, that I can say was honestly the worst thing to have happened all weekend. I had volunteers who carried out my OCD and helped make perfection.

The way I see it, you’re paying $16 for a seat. Thats 2 desserts, decaf coffee and a great show.  For that $16, I will make sure that every fork is in the place I want it and not a single crumb is on your plate. A little crazy but it all looks wonderful when the doors open.

Than after the first show, I had one hour and twenty minutes to do 3 hours of work and all the thanks again to the performers and my volunteers, I had 42 minutes of down time within that hour and twenty to be shocked and dazed that we were done and set to open the doors. It was amazing. Lisa and I could not believe it. Sunday was Perfect; Every table, all the volunteers, the show and the feeling I had all day long.

I was tired when I got home last night at 10 but almost sad that it was over. Not once did I want it to be over, I just wanted to be enveloped by it all and I still had more in me.

I admit, there were times when I was frustrated but it was only a bump. My strength around me kept my head on straight. Joey was a phone call away to share his smile, Erin was beside me to allow me to vent,  Aunt Barb was always encouraging, and RockStar was always close by.

I had a wonderful weekend, simply wonderful…

…and all I wanted was to sleep in on Monday.

I knew I had to take Joey into work at 6am but I had every intention to sleep for the rest of the morning.

That all went out the window when Joey comes running and yelling

 “KAT!!!! KAT!!!!”

My mexican from Los Angeles was so excited that 7 inches of snow was laying so delicately on the road. I was dead tired but Joey didn’t have to go to work so we stood in the cold staring at it.


At no point during the weekend did I get to spend any time with Joey but I got the whole day to be with my hubby. I slept until 7:30 but woke up with coffee and layering sweats. We walked down the streets, holding hands enjoying the snow and chill.

We packed up some extra clothes and headed to Erin’s to have snow fights with the kids and a great morning with Erin and Harold. After being jumped on by Jojo Beans a good dozen times and the sun came out, we headed home and I finally got to sleep in with my mexican. With the heater warming the house, I snuggled with Joey and slept for 4 hours. Even better was the fact that the snow had NOT melted and it was great outside. We ordered some mexican and cozied on the sofa. My perfect day ending a great week(end).

I wouldn’t change a thing.