This is where I think I’m coming from.

Where most of my point of views are from.

I was born small town Auburn, California but raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. I was a very careless spoiled person who cared less and claimed to know Jesus. I met my husband and only by the grace of God, did he think I might make a good girlfriend. Only after a year of dating did we move back to the small town. He became a christian and I followed a month after. In April 2008 we got married and like I say, “He turned a Ho into a Housewife”. Maybe that’s not the nicest think to say about myself, but it the easiest way for you to understand.
I have been living my life as a wife and child of God first, than whatever else. Even though I am still a spoiled brat at times, I think I have done far better than I ever thought I could be as a wife.

My life I feel has kind of being on a fast track.

I am the baby of 4 by 10 years to the 2nd youngest. Basically an only child.

Raised by my sometimes there mom and sisters when they had the time.

I was barely 17 when my mom moved back to Auburn and I stayed in Los Angeles. I moved in with my husband a month later. I was married 1 months before I turned 19 and than finally slowed down.

I’m not saying that I have a hard life, just not what I expected.

I have been blessed with spurts of family and an amazing husband, my mexican Joey. God is a large part of my life and not a lot of people my age think like that.

Other than that. I am not a morning person and don’t function right without coffee like everyone else. I might live in Auburn, but very much a valley girl. stilettos and huge sunglasses in the middle of winter.

; )K