(No I promise I’m not racist, it’s just his nickname from a long story.)







This is my husband Jose Garcia, or as everyone else knows him as, JOEY!

I met him in 2006 playing softball and he checked out my best friend before me. He didn’t like me but on August 12, I took him off the market.(lol)

I was the first white girl he ever dated and he moved in with me after 2 months. He was proposed to by that white girl later that year and he married me in April. I’ve been around for most of his firsts. Camping, carving pumpkins, dying easter eggs, ect.etc., etc.

He was raised by his mom in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and is the 2nd to youngest of 4.

He is in love with sports and family.

His first priority in life is God and being a man of God,

but than it’s our family and being a great man for our family.

Joey loves with his heart and mind and has made an amazing husband. He has his times where sports and family blur and compromise but other than that his head is on right. He is the protector and leader and not the dictator. He is shorter than me but never lets that stop him.

I could sit here all day and tell you so much about him but than it takes all the fun away for when you meet him the first time. His mad dog face with his sweet laughter. Aww man I love it.

So if you do ever meet him, he’ll say his name is Jose, but don’t be fooled. No one knows Jose, only Joey. My Joey

My Mexican

; )K