Normally, when I wake up, hearing SportsCenter is the worst thing to hear. I hate it, I get grumpy even more and then yell at Joey to change it.

Well for the first time this morning, I woke up and while getting my coffee, Joey had SportsCenter on. And get this, I was listening and paying attention to what these men were talking about. Almost shocked in my head to hear that the steelers sucked now.

It hit me what I was doing when I walked over to watch. The normal mess of men running around on a field made sence to me. I could see where the Steelers were messing up and what they should be doing.

This isn’t right.

I was never into football. I married into it. I have no choice to what team because “I’m already a Niner fan”. I used to watch the games and just get lost in what was going on because none of it ever made any sence to me. It was a whole 2 years of confused watching before my sister Natalie finally explained it in a way that made sence.  Apparently a whole other 2 years to understand and/or care in the slightest about what was going on.

Here’s a good example. The first year I was with Joey, he made me watch the draft. I spent time trying to decide who I would date. It was the start of the draft boyfriend. That year was Brady Quinn. The 23rd pick to some team somewhere in the north. Now this past year, I was waiting to hear who we (niners) got. I did choose a draft boyfriend who was the last pick in the first round, Michael Ohre. But I knew I didn’t want certain teams to get better players, or the players we should have.

I don’t do this with basketball or baseball. I really could care less but somehow football is growing. This year, I’ve noticed how my family is into it. Each person is into the team they live closest to and so there is about 4 teams we are all against. Niners must beat the Cardinals, GreenBay, Raiders, and New Orleans.

I can’t explain much else and can’t really explain the game but I think I’m going over to the dark side.