Today I want to love on my car!!!

My car is a 1991 Pontiac Grandam. It is two years younger than I am and almost too old to be around.

My uncle gave me this car in January, it just sat in front of his daughters house, not completely working and in so-so shape. An angel of mine fixed it up for me and it drove well. I’ve put a little more work on it and now its okay, good enough that when Joey and I want to randomly go to marine world discovery kingdom, It takes us there and back with no problems. Its even gone to L.A. and back despite what others said.


My car rocks!!!


yes a nicer car would be nice, but this car is perfect for me now. I’ve even hita fed-ex truck with it, it already had dents, so i dont know if i added any.

sorry to fed-ex, I should have stayed to let your diver know, but i didnt want to.

Anyways, if you hear some screachting, im coming, get ready!