I hope that you don’t think this is too vain. Posting a christmas list as a blog and all, but this way, it’s out there and I don’t have to think about it. 


coffee maker

twilight saga books

iPod (or just plain ol MP3)

cute purse(as if I would ask for an ugly one)lol


All white Kswiss (size10)

or All white Addidas

video games:(xbox 360)

modern warfare 2 call of duty

dj hero

fifa soccer 2010

Ncaa football 2010

godfather 2

the garcia’s

video camera

clothes  (via gift card)

gas card



so as I wrote this out, I tried to remember what we asked for last year and what we actually got last year. I don’t remember a lot other than it was the first time I got a gas card (from my sis) and it was so perfect. Gotta love the simplicity.

Now obviously, we dont NEED anything. I know the economy has effected everyone and have no expectations. We just love the holiday times and together this will be our forth, 2nd with a tree!!! The quality of our christmas is not determined by the stuff under it.