I am the type of girl that thinks that pagents are awsome. I would love to be Miss USA . Unfotunatly, I did not watch this past Sunday night. But, as always, there is no shortage on the media of it. The media covering this years is not about the gorgeous Miss USA herself, but the first runner up, Miss California.

Daily I check he celebrity gossip website perezhilton.com, and that is where I first began to see the drama over Miss Cali and her answer to Judge #8 (perez hilton himself). Him being gay, he asked about gay marriage and if she thouht it should be legalized in all states.  She answered with her beliefs, that she thought of marriage soley between a man and a woman.

I feel 2 ways on her answer. I agree as a christian, God intended marriage only between a man and a woman and only hates the sin gay marriage creates. However, even though she was strong for standing by her belief, her answer put her 2nd and not title. She should have been more prepared for a question like that since Cali has a very large gay population and there was such large controversy over prop 8. Most answers that are normally given are more politically correct and less bias. She could have said that she believed that but also followed that each states population should make that decision based on their own beliefs.

She is not the first to be talked about so much for her answer and she wont be the last, however, only she cost herself the crown.

If I knew there was a gay man for a judge, I’d bias my answer a little bit  if I was going for a crown, but maybe thats just me.