I was in class yesterday, business 20 (intro to business) and I finally bought my books. My teacher starts to go on and on about nothing important. I decided that I should look through my book to see what I have ahead of me to study. I am a learing about in class and this particular chapter about having business overseas and communication. I notice that there is a blue box and decided to read it. Pepsi wanted to advirtise in Japan with the slogan “Pepsi, Be Alive”  and it translated to “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead”

Now, I am normally very good with keeping my cool and not drawing too much attention in class but I was laughing so hard under my breath I started to loose my breath.

Like an idiot, I read another.

some chicken retuaraunt wanted to advirtise in Spain “It takes a strong man to make tender chicken” which again translated to… “it takes an arroused man to make a chicken affectionate”

I could not stop laughing. My face Im sure was bright pink

and again, I read another

KFC wanted to advirtise in Japan their Finger Lickin Good slogan, however it translated to “bite your fingers off”

I was laughing so hard I had to walk out of class. Everyone was staring at me and I could not control myself. Thinking about it would make it worst. I was almost peeing on myself.

I tried to think of depressing things. Death suicide, killing kittens….

hopefully it will make me sad and calm down however…

thinking death made me think of ancestors and pepsi and Im back to uncontrolable laughing.

There were about 6 of those in the book and I finished reading them later but dang,images1

nothing sucks like electrolux