So it’s old news that Chris Brown beat up his ex girlfriend Rhianna…. about a month ago for the first time I heard this song and liked the beat so I didn’t change the station. All of a sudden “Chris brown should get his ass kicked”

I so agree…. I love that someone made a song about it. I know this is something that happens all over the world to many women, but i know that celebrities get away with it more so I think its good that he is being made an example of… The band that made this song is  The Jump Smokers. I have neer heard of them before but thats ok because I like the song.   I might not agree with all the words but hey more power to them for actually having the guts to voice there opinion straight out rather than hide it behind a different beat. I also just found out that they are giving their iTunes proceeds from this song to empowering women’s organizations. Pretty cool

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