This was the year.

The first in fact.

(Another first in the book of firsts for Joey.)

The first weekend in September, the placer county fair. It doesn’t sound so fun at first. Truely, not really. I think of stink and lame rides and boothes i have no interest in.  So for 4 days I planned to help my uncle and leave it at that.

But thats how it is. When you think something will be so bad, there God goes and flips the script.

I think that even though the weekend was rather long, the fair was so much fun. I finally got to go and enjoy on Sunday.

I went early with Erin and the kids, did the walk around, ate ice cream, went on rides I didnt want to go on and had so much fun. At one point I wanted to throw up but I didn’t. We saw the tigers and danced with radio disney. We spent money we saved for this and ate crap bed for us. We laughed and smiled all night. Joey played games with noah and went on rides with Trin. He won me a pity fish and a stuffed dog.  He won a huge Mexico ball and a smaller L.A. ball for Noah.


I cant say it was Disneyland but it was heck of fun.

We missed it last year and I am so glad we did go this year because it was a memory I could have never replaced!