Which one is He gonna open,,,

I know he just shut one…

this might take a while.

I know it’s completely His decision to do so, and when

I cant force it. and I wont

When He shuts one, He opens another right?

I’ll be patient, I’ll knock at some and see which one he opens…

maybe it will be the hard knocks door

or maybe the golden door…

maybe baby

maybe job

I dunno

Im just following

waiting for Him to open the door

Ill deffinatly jump through when it opens

because honestly, i dunno what to do right now





except wait for a door to open…

ill have hope

so will joey

we’ll just wait

and knock at a few,

but wait for God to show me what He wants for me,

not what I want for me.

So pray if you will.

Where am I going now

What door do I go through….

What will I do?

We can all have hope for me…

thank you

****GOOD So far on what has happened this morning… I know you dont understand, but this morning was very important to someone very special and so far all is good and I am happy…. I can only contimue to pray

cause sometimes that is all you can do.

He’ll listen

He promised