When is the last time that you acted like a child as an adult?

Its not as often as we should.

We get caught up in our daily routines and literally forget to stop and smell the roses like we used to, or stare at the frogs and lizards in the bushes.

We are afraid of mud, unlike our childhood when we were all about mud pies, wishing we could eat them, knowing we can’t.

We have schedules to keep and no longer can just go when someone else says we have to go.

How often are we the children that we used to be?


I know I talk alot about my husband but he teached me the weirdest things.

We randomly went to Marine world discovery kingdon on Monday.

Just because.

and that was the nicest thing, just because.

We got there, we’rnt worried about money, or about lines, or food, or what time it was and when wed go home.

We got to be kids.

And we were the kids we had wished we were.

When Joey was a child, his family never had money to go to an amusement park, unlike me who went to an amusement park evey other month.

He never got souvineers or pictures with his favorite charicture.

So this was basically another first.

The first time he really got to be a kid. The kid he should have been able to be.


“this is awesome. Its like were kids and we have no rules. Our parents just dropped us off and we get to do whatever we want except we have money. This is awesome!”

Jose Garcia …now

for the moment… Joey the kid.


What a day it was.

He saw dolphins and whales and elephants and tigers.

oh my.

we went on roller coasters and ate cotten candy.

He got to be the kid he never was.

That i had assumed all kids were like.

We were adults being kids…

How often are we children,  now as often as we should….





Whys it gotta be mexican?