cool breeze

I need to be here! I need to be where it is cold. I need to not be in my apartment right now.

I just might… ugh… do something… Im so upset.

I just got word that the owners will not be replacing it for another 2 – 3 weeks while I have to just sit here in the 90 degree apartment.

I just don’t think I can believe it. That someone would be willing to let someone else just sit in nasty heat. That’s what gets me mad and I probably do it to myself. If I had a car, I would go somewhere and just be. If I had money I would check into a hotel.

But this makes me think, what did people do a thousand years ago? When it got to be so hott and there was no ac. I often hear people say when their cell phone breaks, “What did people do before cell phones, I can’t function”