So what if I put a positive spin on something I’m not to fond of, will it make it better? Let’s try… 



It’s cold outside. Maybe just to me, but it’s cold.

I don’t do cold, but I also don’t do hot. So this will be my starting point.


Thank the Lord it’s cold outside.

The chill in the air brings about so many wonderful things.

Candles come out and burn out in days making my home smell so inviting and delicious. Blankets wrap tightly around my body keeping me warm. Holidays are always just around the corner bringing yummy food and conversations with people you don’t talk to that often.

Now I hate it when I’m cold at night but I love being able to snuggle up to my husband and warm up. I hate that minute before the shower when your exposed and freezing, but I love the hour I take in the shower after.

I would choose winter over summer any day.

In the summer, the sun forces your day to go on and sweat. In the winter, you can stay cozy all day long and be productive. You can turn your oven on and make yummy treats. My PG&E bill is less in the winter than summer.

As much as I hate the times when I’m really cold, there is no denying that its wonderful.

Now that I feel better about the cold, I just realized it not winter yet. It’s only fall. Darn….

; )K