rarely will this ever happen in my household, but it currently is. We are (separately) watching an Obama speach.

He says something great that is going to change

“No American should go broke because he is sick”

the room stands up

sits down

“It is required for insurance to cover preventitive care like mamograms and colenoscopies”

Stand up

Sit down.

It started to look like a show. Like lets all pretend we like what’s happening… lets all wear really brights colors to get noticed, lets have rich snudy faces and show no expression while we sit down and stand up….

not that I don’t think what Obama is saying isn’t great, but this just doesn’t seem real.

I’m happy about this change.

“Lets build on what works and fix what doesn’t”

hey, I’m all for that, but just because Michelle is around does not give old women to dress in bright yellow and red.

But this I don’t understand, he says that insurance will become affordable for every american who doesn’t get it at work… well there is affordable insurance and I still can’t afford it BUT need it…. sorry, makes no sence.

now requiring it makes sense like covering auto insurance, but if you don’t make real money and live paycheck to paycheck like I do, you are now being forces to spend money you don’t have…

God help this… me