I’ve known Ilyssa 6 years… well at least I did….


the date on the picture isnt correct… but this is when we became friends


This is 3 years later



and than 3 years later… she stood front and center to me getting married…


I met her when I was in the 9th grade… We had the same cooking class…

we really didn’t talk until one night, I was going to wait for my then crush at the football field and she was there waiting for her ex to finish football practice. I walked up to her and  and we started talking… That is not that common in high school to do, but that was the start of a very interesting relationship.

We had the same counsolor and she told us that individually we would be great amazing people, together, we were nothing but trouble. It was true.

We ditched class everyday pretty much. Going anywhere we wanted. Most often the beach and my house.

We went to school together, church together, almost anywhere….

We’ve cried together, laughed together, messed around together, and unfortunatly fought….

There was just something about us… we fought so much.

I tried to be the best friend to her, but like any woman, there were times that I just sucked.

We both left Van Nuys, she went to OFL and I went to Taft and when that didn’t work I went to OFL…

(OFL is an independant study school in which you only go to school twice a week for a hour each time.)

If you think about it, it was not a very smart move of our parents to send us to a school in which you don’t go to school, but hey, we wern’t gonna go anyways.

We did the same thing but we got jobs instead.

Work, beach or school. It all became habbit.We did well in this school. We got good grades and started college early. There we worked hard but would party harder.

We always managed to have more fun that would seem.

Prom came around and graduation followed. It was all a relief but sad.

For my 17th birthday that year, my mom took us to Rosarito Mexico, and even though it would have been more fun, we took advantage of our times…

In our small high school lives, we had gone through alot. Too much to go on about.

Sometimes its amazing that we even were friends because we were so different.

I can’t pin piont the things in which I loved her for. She was just this interesting package and worked with me well

until we would but heads…. than we would take a break.

I used to always say that I would marry the male version of her….

Than I met him.

Once I met Joey, we both changed. We just got out of high school and were walking into a future we nothing about.

Over a year went by before we talked again. My wedding was coming up and what was a large time in my life without her. I asked her to be my maid of honor like we used to plan.

When she came around, it was like old times, but it was obvious how we changed.

Joey is alot like her in his personality but also different. I had her and her male version and it was akward for me to find a good medium. Her and Joey did get along well, but the more they got along, we didn’t.

We talked alot after the wedding but after a while, the phones calls between us stopped.

Its interesting because I can go on her myspace any day and see how shes doing but I dont see me in her life anymore.

Im not saying we won’t talk again because I believe that we will, and I also believe we’ll take another break.

But she is somewhere that Im no where near and Im somewhere she’s no where near. For 6 years our lives were on the same path and now we are on completely different ones….

I always know that a best friend that is as close as we were won’t go very far.

It’s only a matter of miles before we pass again.