I can lie to you.

I can say that I was going over 40 miles an hour and decided to go down a dangerous hill. I went full force with excitement for the danger ahead. All of a sudden a wild turkey came out of the left and chased me as I was going down hill. I went for a rock ahead to use as a ramp and went flying in the air, loosing the turkey and landing in gravel still going down the hill. I started to loose my balance when I rubbed up against a large rock, regaining my balance but scarring up my arm. I got down to the bottom of the hill with grace as I went for a victory lap to wait for Joey and Jenn. They came walking down the hill, because they are smart and did not want to die. Joey slipped and let go of his bike and it came down the hill, crashing into me and hurting my pelvis real bad. All the mean while, it was a gorgeous morning. Not once did we ever suspect that it would rain an hour later.



Oh how pleasant it would be to say that was true….


It was suppost to rain today, I didn’t know that, neither did Jenn or Joey. So we planned to go biking on a trail we love but havn’t ventured since last September. We loaded up our bikes in Jenn’s jeep and headed down to the American River trails. Once we got there, we were suprised how empty it was but figured it was a Tuesday and left it alone. Covered in excitement to hit the trails, we pedaled off. The water looked amazing. We knew it was cold. The water comes from snow, it should be cold right.

The first mile and a half is all flat, then you come to a large hill which none of us could bike up. You pass a cave and go uphill a little more. I normally can’t make it up the hills but I managed to do more than I thought. Jenn and Joey always seem to concour the eye of the tiger*. Than you go down hill for a mile and oh my lord is it so much fun. Its not too steep but its enough to cruise for a mile. You splash through small streams that have erroaded the trail and make your way through the horse poop and rocks that cover the trail. Than again, you start uphill. And agian, I walk. Joey and Jenn walked with me, cause they can suck too sometimes. = )

While we made it to the top again, we noticed the gorgeous clear water. It is so clear. So beautiful. But so far.


Than again, down hill. Joey trails me to make sure Im okay. I normally always have my hand on the brake. I get to nervous with the force I feel going down hill. Jenn always is a dare devil and is gone and waits patiently once the path starts to go uphill again. Its so exhilarating! I feel like Im flying. I feel like Im completely in control while not that in control of where the trail goes.

We went passed the point we normally stop and went for another 3 quarter miles before turning around. We stopped at the place we normally stop at. Its a group of rocks right next to the water. There is a very strong current there but its so pretty. We all pulled over to feel the freezing water and it felt so good and so fresh. Putting your feet it (and your face if your joey and jenn) and just relaxing a moment is so nice. There is that calming feeling the sound of water makes in that area. You are literally standing water level  next to this dangerous area of the river. You could stand a few inched from the action in the water and be kinda safe (it all depends on your balance).


No wonder we always stop here.

So we decide to head back. Lets enjoy going down the hills we just climbed. Walk up, ride down. Oh, its just so much fun. Jenn almost hit a turkey, but I dont like wild turkeys… so Im okay if she did, but she didn’t and wasn’t injured.

I want to rewind to the day before when planning all this Joey told me he didn’t want to do the trails because he felt that someone (me) would fall and hit their head. And he felt it about me. So what did I do,,,, ignore him.

Okay. We went up, and down again and were going up one last time. We started down. I knew that the very first hill was coming up and I wanted to walk it because it was too steep and all gravel. Its just not safe to bike when your are inexperienced and don’t where a helmet. The cave passed by and I thought we had another small hill and flat before that hill, but I was wrong. Joey called out from behind me, “Im just gonna take it”. His seat had broken a mile back and he was standing so it made me so nervous. But while Im thinking of him, I start down this hill.

Please understand that this is a very large hill. VERY STEEP. This is not a joke of a hill. The last time I went down, I prayed to God the entire time that I would be safe and not die. My hands were holding on so tight that my hand hurt the rest of the day.

Okay, so I am breaking with all my might, but its not working. I see a dip in which I feel will flip me if I go over it and I decided I would take the matter into my own hands. Make myself fall off before it makes me. In 3 seconds ,I plan that I will jump off my bike from the back and push my bike forward and than cover my head. I scoot back and push with all my might a moment before the dip. I misjudge my tire and get stuck in between the tire and my seat. I slide forward stuck in my bike, pass the dip and fall to my right scraping my arm but covering my head. I slide a little more down the hill screaming “Joey” as loud as I can before I came to a complete stop. 2 old men who were walking behind us ran to my aid. I tried to get up but I was trapped in my bike. I was still stuck in between the seat and tire and my left leg was caught on the pedal. They got the bike off and I stood up. I could see from where I was that Joey and Jenn made it safely down the hill but  did not hear me and were waiting for me. I did not feel any pain and was thankful that I was okay. The rest of the people the 2 old men were with came and offered to clean up the blood dripping from my arm that I had not noticed. I declined and repeatedly thanked them for helping me but I felt I was okay. I picked up my bike and started to walk down this stupid hill. I made it to the bottom, about a hundred feet away from the other 2 when I went to get back on my bike. I lifted my leg when I felt the pain in my pelvis. Oh man did it hurt. I just continued to pedal on passed when Jenn noticed the blood and Joey was quick to speed up. He was feeling so guilty that I fell. He said he felt an instinct to go back for me but he ignored it. He predicted it and I ignored him. My head was safe but my pelvis was killing me and my arm was bleeding. We made it back to the car finishing our 8 or so miles. Loaded up and decided that In and Out would be my cure.

Now. I cleaned up my arm and it doesn’t hurt but my pelvis is in some extreme pain. Im glad I fell the way I did. Its my head or my pelvis  and Im sure I made the right choice. Joey would have probably been completly right if I didn’t attempt to fall off. All is okay, and I love that I have a story. It was all so fun. The sun was out with a beautiful breeze with not a cloud in sight and as crazy as it sounds, I would do it again.

Im just gonna remember when Im coming back, the cave is my signal to stop and walk….

= )

Its raining now…. I got my story in just in time…..