Ladies and Gentlemen….

Introducing my sister in law…


I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids from the get go. I have always had a good relationship with her since I first met her. To me she is a good person and has a beautiful soul. I love my sister-in-law, and I would hope she feels the same about me.

Joey danced with her to ‘Lady In Red’ at the wedding and they both cried. She is Joeys older sister and only sister. They have an akward connection that I know nothing about and will not attemp to explain.

I first met Vanessa around the same time I met Joey, I started playing softball on their team. She was straight forward but never a bitch.  I have never heard of her talking bad about me like I have about others and she has always treated me as a friend. Vanessa is the ideal sister-in-law to me.

Vanessa got married about  8 or so years ago and had twins, Jay and Nathaniel. 5 years later, she had Tristan. The relationship ended for a good reason, and as she is, she stayed strong. She is 29 and a VERY strong single mother. She loves her family. She would do anything in the world for them. Since I came along, she has accepted me and I honestly believe that if I needed her, she would have my back.

Recently, her first love past away, and I know it really hurt her… As it would any one.  But she is Vanessa and has stayed strong. She is amazing.

What I mainly admire about her is that she is so strong even when the walls are buckling in. She will never beat around the bush with you and she definatly isn’t afraid. She had the best 3 kids. I love them all so much.

I might not have all my facts completely straight but what I am 100 percent sure about is how amazing she is and her potential to be even more amazing.