My last post was January 28…

Sometimes life just takes you that long

The oppertunities you had, chances you took,

all go away.

And yes, it’s a good thing in some aspects…

and some things seem bad….

but end up okay.

Im not in school anymore but I have become an assistant manager in training.

I dont have a car anymore, but I’ve lost at least ten pounds.

Not as close to some people, but so much closer to those who God needs us to be close to.

and as much as I would like to say “I wish everything was better”

I dont want to. I am content.

God has put my heart in the spot I am in now  and there is nothing I want to do other than let life be what it wants to be.



It takes 28 minutes from the Auburn station to the roseville galeria…

28 minutes for me to think, imagine, and relax.

28 minutes that I take myself away. In my head, Joey and I are living in Monterey Bay, in a house right on the water. Natalie, Ty and Matty come visit all the time and we have a big ol dog… I drive a hummer and have a closet full of shoes. I cook dinner from skratch most nights and eat at the Cheesecake Factory any other. I ride my jet ski with Natalie to a little island (somewhere I dont know) and lay out and tan while we talk about what ever is on our mind.

For this 28 minutes, Its just me, joey, natalie….

I get to work and Im happy because I just spent 28 minutes with my 2 very best friends.




So now the oppertunities I once had dont matter any more, I got better ones…

The chances I had transformed to something else.

This is the part that lets me understand better that Im only 19.

I am not completely an adult and life is currently always changing. I am content with that.

This entire year I have spent my time trying to be 19 since I always felt 29, but I never was content that right now in my life I am young. I will not spend the next month and a half trying to 19, but content with being young.

I think Im thinking in circles.

But hey I got a lot to jot since

My last post was January 28….