I was at school when I get to say I saw history. As everyone says, we witnessed history, a large change in the text books.

~I had this thought. We are “suppost” to no longer judge on the color of our skin, so what does it matter that our new president is black? I know that we are not what we say we are. We all racially judge, even if only slightly. Thats my thought. What do you think?

Anyways, I was in the cafetiria when it was on and got to watch, I really had no idea my school was showing it, but as I watched, I started to jot down my feelings. I figure, its history, I mind as well remember this.

Today is an interesting day for me. Today is the first inauguration of a black president. It’s a big day in history. A day that I will remember when I read my kids history books. Being who I am, I am very interested in what Michelle Obama is wearing. A gold 3 piece suit. High waist belt. Very chick, form fitting. Simple necklace hangs where her straight hair ends. This is one day to dress your best. Millions of pictures of her will be taken. The next thing I notice, Bush is taking his final walk out the halls, it’s about damn time. I have never been a true fan of his. I always thought he was an idiot. There are too many statements that he has made that prove he is. Too many issues arose wile he was in office that could have been avoided. However, not many people could handle being president, so he does get the respect. There are not many strong men in our society any more to handle obligation like this. Most cannot even handle the obligation of a child. Next appearing on the screen is Obama. Obama walks out with a scared shitless look on his face. It could be the look of pride, either way, those two could kill. Obviously I am excited. Excited for him, that a black man can take that walk. There are too many places where that can’t happen. The entire mall is crowded with people. Miles surrounding. Everyone wants part in this history. As I sit in the cafeteria at Sierra College, the room slowly starts to fill with more and more students who want to witness this or have to because of class. Either way, we are. As a school, we sit and watch on a projector screen the reactions and awaits the moment when we have a black president. Obama gets announced as president elect and the room echo’s a small applause. In his life, this has to be the biggest day in his life. Getting married, having a child, none can compare to what is happing today in his life. His name will always be written in the books. Other presidents that have only made a small dent will be forgotten, only remembered because of a history assignment. No matter what, “Obama” will always ring louder than others. What’s interesting is that one of the US’s biggest enemies is Osama Bin Ladin. Many have made that comparison between names. It is truly nothing, however, you never know when God is sending a sign. The pastor from a church I once sat in on came and prayed over the president. It seemed very “show-ie”. Very long, very in detailed of nothing. Aretha Franklin followed with a patriotic song. The tie is good, have a African American singer who struggled long ago with racism sign at such an important day. Reports on the Entertainment news report that this is the most “star-studded” inauguration in history. Many celebrities really latched on to Obama, more than before, they wanted to push change and how strong we are as a country. One thing I have to admit, I am not the person to normally be interested in any of this. I don’t get the pride most people do.  I don’t feel the emotion others do. I believe that its just the way my emotions are built. I guess that means I’m self centered. I don’t clap for things, I don’t care, I know though that this is something that is big and I should record the event. Obama is up to be sworn in and forgets what he is suppose to say. A small laugh comes up from his chest and he finishes repeating the guy who is speaking to him. He is congratulated as president and the cafeteria fills up with uproars of applause. On the screen you see the canons exploding and people dancing. The first words of the 44th president are “Thank You, My fellow citizens, I stand here today, humbled… grateful… and mindful…” Its final now, we have our first African American president. As of 9:08a.m. January 20, 2009 it’s a new time. If he actually accomplishes one thing he promised, he will be a successful president. One thing, so small and so far away. I can only imagine the energy that is flowing around the capital. So many excited that it could only radiate around that area for miles. I can say that I am lucky that my class doesn’t start until 9:30 that I got to see what I did. “Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start rebuilding America” Such a bold statement he makes. A statement that makes you feel good. Will be disappointed? Will we come out on top and believe that this is the best choice ever for this time? A question I will have to answer later, because I have to go to class now.”