kat3Late nights call my name now just as loud as the early mornings do. And me, early mornings, unusual but so often. Im jumping back on the hoase or bike or whatever you want to say and doing what I got to do with a great support team behind me.

Being back in school is exciting at the same time, oh so boring! I hate it. I love what I am there for and why.  I try not to fall asleep with the monotone teachers and lingering lectures of information I feel I alreadu know. The racing across school so I wont be late is where I get my work outs from while dragging my 20 pound bag along.

It is exactly whar it feels like. School.  Its just better because I can do what ever I want. I like that freedom that I have when Im not home. I dont do anything stupid, I dont go crazy, but I do enjoy that small amount of freedom that is all mine.

When I am done with that mornings adventure, off to work. Concentrating on completely different life. I always feel the need to do more and better so I have that constant ON. If I am not at work, well, Im doing homework. Homework never fails. Its always there waiting for me. Even now, I know I have some that I will need to finish soon. Finish my arons that need to be done and than do more homework.

Once all is said and done, clean my house, do laundry, consider bus schedules.

Im doing good. For as nerveous as I was, Im doing better than I thought. Im on top and wanting to stay there.

I have a husband who allows me to be tired and busy. Always ready to lay down with me or give me that hug. Congradualates me when I pass a quiz or understand something hard. He’s good and Im ahppy about that.

My sister has walked where im treading and has amazing advice and offered alot to help me. She’s always available for my complaining or rejoicing. She knows and understands and is that big sis I love so much.

Not to discredit anyone else, for all the prayer Im sure I get is amazing.

Im grateful and won’t let you down.