I know this guy.

Some days, he’s the sweetest guy and some days he kills me.

He is getting better at understanding me

and makes it easier to express to him.

From reading my blogs, you know that Ive been down.

It took him a while to catch on to it but as soon as he did, he took to action.

Took over in all the planning and searching.

Made decisions and consolted with me often.

Let me sleep in on days I didn’t want to do anything, let me run away to work  if I felt i needed to.

He stepped up his game

I normally try to be his backbone, be his helper

but recently he has been my reliever

ive calmed down.

Been able to deal with the other issues aproaching, less stessful ones.

like school coming up

the life that God had planned for me this year.

Ive gone to God more often

trusting that things will get better.

I can’t say that all is better completely in my heart.

however he has helped.

he suppost to anyways since hes my husband