to everyone. Everyone enjoying their family, eating roast or turkey. Those who have opened a presant.

to everyone

This is the year that I have completely recognized it  for God,

however the devil has managed to make a complete mess of it and I would perfer for this day to be over. I would like it to be over and my heart not sad. I want to celebrate God and for sending His son. But Im done with the jolly and the cheer. Im done with people not likeing each other and me in the middle. Im done with tradition, Im done with lights and carsickness. Im done with my ghetto car that won’t work anymore.  Its time in my head for the new year and a new life. and apparently, now a new car.

Please, Lord, I know that you will put me through this but all I can think of wanting to do is cry alone. Exactly oppositie from what you want, but I need you to take all this crap away. Lord Please, because I dont know what to do anymore.