Its come to that time that I love. I am one of the people who like to start christmas in November, like the 2nd….
When I was younger I didn’t need to do that, but now that I am older, I see the need for me. Christmas is always the best time of year so when life isn’t all roses, I think that maybe if christmas was here, life would be a lil better, so thats why I start around November.
This past weekend It really has begun to feel like it. I have been busy with the christmas dessert program at my church that I will take over next year, so all during that I was listening to the music and smelling the sweets and really feeling the joy. Than at church yesterday, Pastor Phil talked about Heaven and everything that cannot be explained about it. I loved it, I am not someone who is afraid of dying. Im excited when Im done on earth that I get to go and give my father a hug and always be with him. Than, Joey and I got in and out for lunch and we got stuck at a stop sign while the motocycle toy run passed before us. I love it! I know that what these people are doing is a great thing and it makes me feel good. As I sat there I remembered that most of those people are part of motocycle gangs (if not I know somewhere the gangs are involved) but they are still doing something for the christmas spirit and its good.
I went home and a close friend gave me a christmas tree, so I put it up and it started to feel more like it. I did the last night of christmas desserts and enjoyed the beautiful Ariels song “I believe” and just kept saying I do believe. I know I do. How amazing.
Oh man yesterday was awesome.

and to think, I have some horrible issues Im dealing with at the same time.

Thank you God