This year is a very different year.

Many ups and many downs.

But it has been a good year like I had asked for last year.

This year my christmas list is simple.

When I was a little girl, I always asked for a giant teddy bear

and for my dad to come back.

As a teen, I asked for whatever was “in”

And now, my requests are a little different.

My biggest and the one I want the most is not for me.

Its for my husband, please, somehow let me get him a Play Station 3. Thats all he wants.

Somehow I need to, If I dont gat a single thing else, please let me get him that.

Next is for my sister.

You know what she needs.

I can go on with what materials I want, a coffee machine, a big mirror, some ugg like shoes.

Maybe a purse, maybe some gift cards for clothes.

I dont care really except for the first two.

Please, thats all I want.

I hope you’ll enjoy my milk and cookies, and carrots for the rest



P.S. I hope I made the good list.