honestly, my current one no longer works, Ive been coming to my moms in the morning since last Wednesday  And its not that I dont love coming to my moms house, I’d rather have my own.

Now that I got that out of the way…

Today I decided today is my random fact day. Hopefully I can come up with at least ten and make them interesting…

1. I only drink coffee with half and half or french vanilla, everything else is nasty… But at starbucks, I get a green tea latte or frapiciano, depending on the weather.


2.My old dog was named after Joeys middle name. Jose Luis and I just took off the s and I got LUI…. I miss Lui…


3.Im only 19…. its not that random, but no one ever seems to know how old I am, even if Ive told them like 10 times, no one knows, so it is kinda random…


4. I do not like the color red… but it was all over my wedding and in my house….


5. My big sis natalie is the one who got me to like rollercoasters.


6. As a kid, i loved Thriftys ice cream and I got really mad when it all switched over to Rite- Aid. LAME


7. Joey on a regular basis will call me Nicole


8. My favorite number is 28, my birthday is may 28, the double digit in the middle of my SS is 28. I kissed Joey for the first time when we had been together for 28 days, normally I get a period every 28 days…. ( i know you dont care, I just needed to add the 28 again for laughs…)


9. The holiday that I think there is no point to is Labor day, what a lame holiday to take a day off.


10. I sleep on the left side of the bed but will walk on the right side….. It feels to akward to change sides.


Okay so I realized that I am not that interesting this morning. Its almost 8 a.m. and thats my excuse, I am not a morning person.

But now I have some random things that I feel just need to be said…

-I really dont care about this election… this could be some of my self centered ness but I just dont

-I really need a job, and patience, if it was natural to have patience, God wouldnt have had to tell us to have it.

-I really do not want to live in the building I do, Not that I am better than it, but I cannot stand the enviroment, people not taking care of their kids, loud chuntie music, fighting, nasty smelling food, and everyone wants to complain as if everything is my fault when its not. It is just too much stress.

-I really need a computer, alot of things can be done with one, and I am starting school in January and I will need one.

-I really want my voice to be better, I need to start warming up daily

-My favorite person in the world most days is Matthew!!! On the days he’s not, its Joey cause he finally did something sweet.

-I really dont want to do some things that are planned in the next year, but they have already been planned without me knowing….

-I really wish that it wouldnt be so dark so early…

– I really wish I could loose 30 pounds.

Im done now, you can go on with your life now….

love you