I made this list a while ago,

I like it,  it’s kinda motivating.

I think when I wrote it was in January and it took me a week to finalize it. I had deep meaning I think to each reason and  I think if I post it, you all can help me if I start to do one… I know that there is one that I already broke but Im on the track to fix it.

so here it is…

10 things I  hope I never do…

1. be a druggie

2. be dependant on achohal

3. have more than 4 kids

4. Be co-dependant

5. weigh more than 200 pounds

6. act like I know it all or am too good

7.Live longer than Joey

8.not find a brightside

9.forget or wander away from God

10. Be my parents….


please help me out if you start to notice these things in me…