My intentions for the day were to wake up with Joey and go straight to my moms house after I took him to work. Take along my bible study and do a lot of catch up. Once done, go home and clean the apt. building, and than my home. That was my plan. Productive.

This is what actually happened and I cant say Im mad about it now.

I woke with Joey, got my bible study together, helped make joeys lunch. Took joey to work, and went to my moms. Got to my moms and realized that I left my bible study at home.

F this and F that. Man oh man, I am not a morning person and that to me just ruined my day.

However, there are things that I still must do.

I start about when I realize I can make myself coffee!!!!

So I do, never used my moms coffee machine but I figured it out. It ground my beans fresh and made it up very fast!!!

I went to the fridge to get the creamer when I saw it!!!

There like a small angel playing hide and go seek with me.

I know its my moms, but right now, I can not resist!

sorry mom, I only took a lil bit.

My mom had a whole cheesecake from the cheesecake factory in the fridge…

It took a heartbeat to pick it up and open to see what flavor would delite me this morning.

Vanilla Bean… I should have known.

A couple of small peices my mom had already eaten, if it were mine, it would have been long gone by now.

I cut a small slice, not to much, enough thou.

I got my coffee ready, picked up my plate, and sat in the comfy chair in my moms house.

Turned on the TV…. well what do you know,

my favorite show is on marathon again…

With Americas Next Top Model on and coffee in hand, The cheesecake in front of me told me you will have a good day.

You think Im crazy, but it actually did tell me that I would….

Oh man Oh man….

Thank you God for flipping the day with in a matter of moments…

Thank you God for the best place on earth…




just so you all know, this is the Heaven in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles area…

street side veiw…

How I miss the hundreds of visit…..