When all hell breaks loose, I need to THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS….

Hell has not broke loose yet…. but a lot of stress surrounds me currently.

Being stressed and than seeing that some young stupid kids hurt a small dog across the street, well, it just makes me think unhappy thougts… (like, stupid kids,,,, I should go and kick they in the butt for that)

So I am going to list my positive thoughts for the day…

things I can be thankful for….

and than you can add some that I can remember….


~I have the most beautiful Kitties…

~My husband isn’t stressed today…

~ The weather is great, not to cold, not to hott, sunny, some clouds…PERFECT

~I do not feel sick

~God is Great and always loves me and always forgives.

~I saw my uncle mike in the parking lot today!!!

~A popo was following me but didn’t pull over my bucket

~Matty is healthy and smiley

(I permanately block the news in my house…. just needed to add that)

~The holidays are coming

~my house is finally clean from a long weekend

~What am I missing, let me know!!!!

I know for sure, he makes me happy….