She’s my favorite. I tell Joey and Misty (our racoon look-a-like-kitten) all the time.

She’s a soilder!

I love her…

I went to bed and she was fine… almost, but she did want to sleep with me.

Which is a large step up from wanting nothing to do with me.

This morning Joey opened the bedroom door and in she ran to give me kisses…


well i then fell back asleep and Kapriss as well….

Misty gets love to…. she just gets more from Joey….

Now  I see it as Misty is Kapriss’ cat. I got her so Kapriss would stop being agressive with me when she plays…. And she has, she is aggressive wiht misty.

I should have known she would be a soilder.

Last night I started tothink that I shouldnt even own a pet, Im an evil owner. I loose my pets (lui) and lock em out (kapriss). Some die on me (my fair goldfish)and some, I gave back (Tracker…la cat).

But this time, Ima get better.

I am not an evil owner….

Im like a kid who just needs to be better….

I love to play with my girls on the floor, and I used to let them eat off my plate.

…..That I stopped a couple weeks ago…..

Have faith in me dad, I can be a good owner.

Plus, isnt having an animal a foreshadow to how you’ll be with your kids…..

something to ponder…