my plate looks like this.

Everything i want to do.

I want to teach sunday school for 2nd service.

I want to work at us bank

i want to help lisa during her surgery

i want to fix an issue in my family right now

i want to do womens bible study

i want to do highschool youth group

i want to do a small high school group before that

i want to be in christmas deserts

i want to go to all erins volleyball games

i want to loose weight and work out everyday

i want to clean the building

i want to go hand out with my sister

i want to do broom hockey

i want to do the CROP walk

i want to relax

i want to spend some time at home, because i dont

i want to move

i want it to be thanksgiving

i want god to take care of it all…. so i can deal with none of it…

he will give me whatever i an supost to do

my plate is empty…