What a joyous experience. Right.

Well is a bloody nose a joyous experience?

Not as much.

So Im here to clear up for everyone to know the truth.

It was the middle of Pastor Phil speaking,

I felt a drip go down the back of my throat and went to wipe my nose.

and there it went.

Gushing blood out my nose.

Immediatly covering my nose and mouth

started to walk out and as it got heavier, I ran …

In the bathroom… I covered the sink in my blood as i tried to have it stop.

Thankfully my kristen came to make things better for only she knew I had a bloody nose.

I cleaned up and went back.


Every lady that I talked to than asked what happened. I told them and than it was quickly followed on their side with, “Oh?! i thought it was morning sickness….”



I am not pregnant. Really truely,

I will announce it once I find out, but its not like Im trying to and I dont plan on it soon.    

I guess I looked fat today, but I am not pregnant.

For those who know and read me alot, I tend to get a lot of bloody noses.

Now its clear…