This is my child Lui… Or shall i say he used to be mine.

I got Lui when he was 6weeks old.

Originally named Rudolf, he was given to my 6 year old nephew as a christmas presant and that didn’t work out so well, so he was passed over to me.

I can remember that day. I went to work, told everyone i knew or saw that I was getting a dog that day, came home and waited so very impatiently. I had Joey call his sister like 10 times to find out when he would arrive at out door. Finally around 7p.m., she called saying she was down stairs. In his blankie, tail wiggling, i got my baby and promised to love him forever.

corny right, i know

but thats really what happened.

Ups and downs we’ve had with that dog, and we were unexperienced with dogs so it probably wasnt the best for him.

But he loved me. truely.

I had such a connection with him, almost more with lui than Joey. I used to tell joey if i had to pick, Id pick the dog.

Eventually we moved to Auburn, and we started to treat him like a real dog. Bought him a crate, walked him on a leash, started to train  him, dressed him in cute red with fur jackets for the snow. He still slept with me, right next to me but was fully potty trained and I knew when I had to take him on a walk. I loved him so much.

everything was fine until one day, he broke the window, and ran away.

I really thought he would come back. We searched our surrounding areas, calling with our special whissle that we had for him. He was nowhere to be foud. We left our door open at all times. Windows as well. I slept half awake listening for any sound that might be him. It was so hard. I cried so much. I went to the pound, and no dog so i filed a report.

When I was at work a couple days later, mopping around, I got a call that someone found him. Hallelujah!!! 5 miles away….

We agreed to meet at a vet because he was very sick.

I drove so fast.

I got there, and saw him, I was so happy and heart broken at the same time. Lui was happy to see us, but more interested in others over us. The lady who found him was a foster owner for dogs for AAARF and said if I signed him over, shed get him better than adopt him to the right family. Financially, we had to. But I was saying hell no!!! After a long time of deeciding, the vet closing, and so many tears, I signed him over.

The worst day of my life at that point.

Now I watch the trader to see a picture and check online everyday to see if someone has got him yet. Im not ready to give him up, even though it was much better for him.

Please God, take care of him much better than I ever did. and Love him lots. I miss him.