I love productive days…

Ive been feeling ill and nothing that has needed to be done has got done.

Today, I felt better… I didnt fall back asleep but I did rest alittle when I took Joey to work this morning.

I got up and cleaned up my house.

Got cleaning supplies together and went out to clean the apartment building.

I worked with a tenant to fix her issues….

She is my favorite tenant, she makes me cookies.

I  cleaned one of the laundy rooms, swept up the lower half, and went to work to finish cleaning up after myself.

I went out to do something for joey, got lunch and ate it

Made calls to Angie, My bosses assistant, to get work orders, scheduled showings, put things away around the building that were in the wrong place, moved trash cans. And than, I did the paperwork for the building, and took a breather…

now I am here.

That doesnt seem like alot to an ordinary person…. but I am a lazy person who is trying to get over being lazy.

So to me I am moving on up…

Its taken me a month to not always fall back asleep once I take Joey to work, and Im proud of myself.

Its lame when youre 19 and lazy like I was, so I am determined to get over that. Im missing out on my life being so lazy.

Im taking a stand ans getting my life back.

I want at least 3 days to be like this a week and work on that til I dont have to make goals like this.


And the building by next week will rock!

Lisa will be proud when she gets back. than again its my job and it should always rock here.

I’ll do it, you’ll see…

Compare this to my first entry, when I didn’t want to get up and do anything, and didnt do anything I said I was going to do in it.