My Husband likes movies.


He likes all different kinds of movies…

Bambi, cartoon about a young deer whos mother dies.

Stand by Me, 4 young boys have an advanture and learn good things.

Boulevard Nights, a mexican ganster turns good and trys to save his young brother from that life style.

American Me, another gangster movie, about the Mexican mofia.

Superbad, highschoolers trying to get drunk and laid.

Blair witch project, I donno, some creepy movie…

The Strangers, people killing other people.

Okay, so you get that he perfers an odd range of movies…. and he above all perfers the scary ones that I hate.

But next to that, he loves comedy, like stupid comedy, like superbad, and borat. Most recently Pineapple Express, which I must admit, I loved.


Back to my point.



Brody and Erin wont believe this…

Joey wanted to Tropic Thunder


He asked everyone if they wanted to go with us.

Uncle mike and aunt barb said they would…. so we met them there…

Just By that picture, Im sure that it doesn’t seem like you would see aunt barb in that movie.

Every other word was Fuck or shit or bitch…

than a whole dialouge about gay sex…

Oh my gosh, i think i laughed more at aunt barbs reactions than tha movie.


So since Joey took aunt barb to see






Aunt Barb is taking Joey to see,,


I dont know how but joey got out of seeing momma mia…




Enjoy the show babe!