Those are the 3 things that I WILL NOT walk out the door without….

It is most usual for people to be attached to these 3 things. You cant drive without keys, you cant live without a phone, and you are blind without sunglasses.

well at least in my world.

Sometimes people add to this assortment, a purse, lipstick, blutooth, other stuff that we have to have or we will go crazy.


Today, I walked out the door without my cell phone.


I have no idea how that happened or how I survived, I noticed about 10 minutes after i left in which I was too far to turn back.

I was screwed, I knew Joey would call and flip and call and text 100 times…. and what if someone else I would like to talk to called, or wanted to meet for lunch….

The worst feeling, that I have had all day,,,

My world was crumbling…..

dramatic, i know….

I raced to do all my shopping to come home.

I was right once i did get home, 11 calls from joey, 2 texts, 4 missed calls from friends….

I will never let that happen again….

What is attached to you at all times…..?

Its funny because you know Jesus wouldn’t need any of those and he went without when he was here,,,,,