This is my sister, Natalie, on my wedding day, fixing my vail and helping with my finishing touches like a big sister (and matron of honor) would on a special day.








This is my sister, Natalie, on the day before HER wedding, fixing my dress and making sure I was good and ready, like a big sister would.

The story of our family is odd. There were 4 of us, and 3 differents dad’s. My father was , ironically, a racsist and always put Natalie down. My memories from my childhood of My relationship with her, honestly, were’nt grand or nice. Nothing like those pictures. I always thought she hated me. Well my mom and I moved to L.A. and she stayed Auburn…. And over time, God made everything better.

Now I can say that she really is my best friend.

Natalie is a beautiful woman. I have never met anyone stronger than her and never have I had a friend more certain of who they are. She recently had my nephew (picture below) Matthew, and now she has proved to be an outstanding mother. Having Matthew softened her a little, but she could still kick my butt.

I know she loves me, and within the past 4 years, she hasn’t had a problem showing it. She had driven back and forth for me in L.A. countless times…. and not complained. She’s lifted me up in situations when everyone else was putting me down. She supported me even when she knew I would be wrong. She is always there when I really need someone to talk to and I try to always be there for her. We can joke about stupid things and can be serious about issues. We both love to eat which makes lunch dates perfect for us. Especially when she is in her deputy uniform…. 50% off baby! 

I am so grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful relationship with her.

I remember I was with my mom in the car when I was about 6, 7 or 8, getting on the I-80 from the foresthill exit toward Sac. I turned to my mom and said “when I grow up, I am going to be exactly like Natalie!”

I used that as a threat to my mom and a compliment to Natalie. lol

Anyways…. thats my sister….

well there is more to her, but thats what I wanted to share about her.

I want everyone to know how awesome she is

and that she is an amazing best friend and big sister!