My aunt does this, so shall I!!!

I wanna have that kind of JOY


Now I know I said I was going to do wordless wednesday, but i wouls like to share my day so far.

I woke up bright and early…

like 9:30a.m.

took a very quick shower, hopped on my bike and rode a few blocks to my friends house. From there we loaded her SUV with our bikes and off to the river we went.

We tried something new!

We did a new trail….

which totally kicked my butt!!! It was all uphill and some parts were to narrow to ride. Once we got to the top, What a proud accomplishment. Going through my weight issue, doing something like that just makes me feel amazing!

Than like the sissy I am, I held on to dear life, on my breaks all the way down til I got to the narrow part in which, I was glad to get off and walk it. There is something so calming to me about going along the river. I love it. It is probably the most fun thing for me to do in Auburn, besides eating

Once we were done with the trail, we loaded our bikes back up and chugged down the rest of our water. We were soaked in sweet so we made the decision to get completely wet, 

in to the water we went shoes shirts and everything. The area was safe, and i was even suprised to see public life vests for children. The rocks below us were slimmy, the reason the shoes were left on, but the water was amazing. We allowed the water to let us float as we talked about her going off to college in fresno.

After a hour, we hopped into her car, and off to In-N-Out we went. 

That bike ride made perfect sence didn’t it.

I had a good morning,

I am deffinatly going to miss Jen.

Other than family and family friends, shes my only friend out here.

Not to put anyone down, but she is in the way that I met her on my own, Not through anyone I already knew,

But she is deffinatly a great friend.

I think, If I wasnt with her, It wouldnt have been so good, so I am very thankful!!!

and now i am tired