Today is a day that I can’t say that anything other than this, has been productive. One of those days when I really feel like all that needs to happen is me staying in bed eating some kind of thing I shouldn’t with Joey not bugging and the cats sleeping behind me. How perfect does that sound to me.

That I cannot imagine that happening for a while and most likely not again in this household. It will go like this. Tomorrow i will deffinatly have to clean this house to get it ready to move. Joey in the evening will go with uncle mike to do an install and I will be in my comfort spot with aunt barb in my comfy sofa and purple blanket. Thursday, well this should be the start of the moving from one end of my building to the other. That will deffinatly take all day. That night out LaPera children will come sleep over and than we will watch them friday. The weekend calls for more moving and in the end, I will need to turn the new apartment into a home. Im excited, dont get me wrong, i just fel today tired. Yes, it might be that time, but i also need to learn to have energy again. Its something that i have lost and should not have at the age of 19.  I will make dinner now, kinda clean up, and pick up my husband. Other than that, i hope that nothing else has to be done today.

One thing i will say about my blog…. I am most likely not the most interesting person to read about, but i will use this to just kinda say how i feel and record memories. so if you never read me again, im fine.